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August 7, 2008

Deadly clashes in tribal Pakistan

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Deadly clashes in tribal Pakistan


Pakistani officials say troops in a tribal area along the Afghan border have clashed with pro-Taleban militants, killing up to 25.

At least two soldiers were killed. The militants say many more troops died. There is no independent verification.

The clashes took place in the Loi Sum area in Bajaur, part of Federally Administered Tribal Area (Fata).

The Taleban currently control large parts of Fata, while Bajaur is a haven for Taleban and al-Qaeda militants.

A Taleban spokesman, Maulvi Omar, said 15 soldiers had been killed in the clashes but added that he did not have details of militant casualties, the AFP news agency reported.

Clashes began late on Wednesday when militants intercepted a security vehicle in the Loi Sum area.

“We have reports of 25 militants. Two paramilitary soldiers were also killed and three wounded,” an unnamed government official was quoted by news agency Reuters as saying.

Taleban fighters attacked Pakistani troops with rockets and automatic weapons, officials said.

Fighting continued overnight as army helicopter gunships were used to strike militant hideouts in the mountainous region, the reports said.

There are regular clashes between government troops and pro-Taleban militants in the tribal regions bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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