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September 22, 2008

One dead after Basque car bombs

One dead after Basque car bombs

Police officers inspect scene of car bomb at Basque regional police headquarters in Ondarroa

At least three policemen were injured in the Ondarroa car bomb

A third car bomb in 24 hours has exploded in northern Spain, killing one person and injuring another.

Basque separatist group Eta gave a telephone warning before the latest blast, near a military academy in the town of Santona in Cantabria region.

Earlier, three policemen were among 11 people injured in an explosion outside a police station in Ondarroa.

And another bomb exploded in the outskirts of the Basque regional capital Vitoria, but no one was hurt.

Eta also gave a telephone warning before the Vitoria blast.

Correspondents say the attacks come at a time of increased turbulence in Basque politics.

Spain’s supreme court recently declared two Basque nationalist parties illegal because of alleged links to Eta.

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