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June 26, 2009

Glastonbury will honour Jackson

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Glastonbury will honour Jackson

Bands playing at Glastonbury Festival this weekend are set to pay tribute to the King of Pop – Michael Jackson – who has died at the age of 50.

Festival organiser Emily Eavis, writing on the social networking site Twitter, called Jackson a “truly great artist”.

She added: “There will be tributes all over the site, all weekend”.

Gabriella Cilmi will sing a tribute to Jackson on the Pyramid Stage, where she will perform a cover version of his hit song Billie Jean on Friday.

Dave McCabe, singer with The Zutons, told the News more cover versions are inevitable: “Hopefully, ‘cos he’s got good songs and it’s always a winner.”

A Glastonbury spokesman said there was nothing formal planned to mark Jackson’s death, but said: “A lot of the performers will be talking about it during their sets”.

Many festival-goers learned of the news late last night as DJs scattered around the festival site began playing Jackson tracks.

One fan said: “They started playing loads of his music and we thought, ‘Oh, that’s really strange’ and then someone said, ‘Michael Jackson’s dead’ and we were like, ‘No way’.”

Another reveller added: “Everyone thought it was a joke at first – then people started watching the news and saw it was true.”

“Knocked sideways”

Michael Jackson

BBC Radio 1 presenter Jo Whiley is at the festival site and noted a muted mood at Worthy farm on Friday morning.

She said US artists performing later today, such as the Black Eyed Peas and N*E*R*D, would be “knocked sideways” by the news of Jackson’s death.

She added: “Everybody will be celebrating the music of Michael Jackson. You can guarantee tonight there will be loads and loads of Jacko coming out of sound systems here.”

Tommy Bowen, keyboard player for the band White Lies, who play the Other Stage on Friday, said most of the bands playing the festival “can’t help but be touched by what’s happened”.

He added: “He’s such an influential artist, I think many of the people here have been brought up on Michael Jackson.

“His music crosses musical boundaries, it’s a big shock.”

Artists including Lily Allen, Lady GaGa and Neil Young will all play at the festival later.

November 20, 2008

Quick e-learning – Education wasn’t easy before that

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Quick e-learning – Education wasn’t easy before that

E-Learning has a great influence on the education system. E-Learning has begun in mid-1980 an number of institutions in the United States. Some of these facilities are: Western Behavioral Sciences Institute, New Jersey Institute of Technology, New York Institute of Technology and education combined. Recently, a gap year abroad and the students for the independent media organizer for e-learning institutes. In 2003, millions of students were enrolled in higher education, e-learning and a large population, from Britain, New Zealand and Australia. It is estimated that e-learning students is increasingly becoming a significant decrease of 25% per year.

But what is e-learning? According to Wikipedia, learning “used on computers to improve learning, but it is often related to the use of mobile technologies such as PDAs and MP3 players. He May exclude the use of Web-based on the formation and throughout the study abroad South America, CD-ROM or Web sites, discussion forums, software for collaboration, e-mail, blogs, wikis, computer on the basis of the evaluation, educational counseling, simulations, games, software, systems for learning, e-voting and much more , With a combination of methods used. ”
There are many websites that offer study abroad scholarships . That can help the company choice. Try the history of the company and the background. It is important to learn more about the company before setting.
As a developer one side of you to do more to create presentations. For many, the spot mode, then click “Continue” is a signal from the side. For the designer, is the smallest common denominator is minimal on the structure of the curriculum and order. For all clicks that the student is, click on “Next is the empowerment of most connections are expected with details. This link is also on the lookout for repeating the same information in the development of the brain in the hierarchy of the students. Page is the group not to the ineffectiveness click “Continue”, but because the developers do not consider anything else to explain that the function.

September 24, 2008

Google’s Android mobile unveiled

Google’s Android mobile unveiled

T-Mobile G1

The T-Mobile G1 is the first phone to use Android

The first mobile telephone using Google’s Android software has been unveiled.

The T-Mobile G1 handset will be available in the UK in time for Christmas.

The first device to run the search giant’s operating system will feature a touch screen as well as a Qwerty keyboard.

It will be available for free on T-Mobile tariffs of over £40 a month and includes unlimited net browsing.

Other features include a three megapixel camera, a ‘one click’ contextual search and a browser that users can zoom in on by tapping the screen.

The handset will be wi-fi and 3G enabled and has built-in support for YouTube.

Users will also have access the so-called Android Market, where they will be able to download a variety of applications.


Google announced its plans for the Android phone software in November 2007 with a declared aim of making it easier to get at the web while on the move.

To help develop Android, Google also unveiled the Open Handset Alliance – a partnership of more than 30 firms that would work to make phone software easier to work with.

The group includes operators such as Telefonica, handset makers such as HTC and Motorola as well as chip makers such as Intel and Qualcomm.

Many of the partners demonstrated early prototype Android phones at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona in mid-February.

The idea behind Android is to do for phone software what the open source Linux software has done for PCs. Developers of phone software can get at most of the core elements of the Android software to help them write better applications.


However, in launching Android, Google faces stiff competition from established players such as Nokia with its Symbian software and Microsoft with its Mobile operating system.

More recently Apple has been gaining customers with its much hyped iPhone.

The Android software is squarely aimed at the smartphone segment of the handset market which adds sophisticated functions to the basic calling and texting capabilities of most phones.

Current estimates suggest that only 12-13% of the all handsets can be considered smartphones.

September 3, 2008

Profile: John McCain

Profile: John McCain

McCain is a divisive figure within his own Republican

A decorated Vietnam war hero who spent more than five years as a war prisoner, McCain’s successful bid for the Republican nomination had marked his second attempt to run for the White House.

But his success is a remarkable turnaround for the Arizona senator, who until recently was not viewed as a serious contender.

A self-proclaimed straight talker whose bluntness and at times unconventional style have both frustrated and appealed to would be voters, McCain is a divisive figure within his own party, to the extent that some have claimed they will not vote for him.

And some have pointed to both this rocky relationship and his age – at 71 he will be America’s oldest ever president –  as major obstacles on the road to the Oval Office.

Vietnam ordeal

McCain [here with Richard Nixon] spent years
in Vietnam POW camps
[Getty Images]

McCain comes from a family with a long military history – both his father and grandfather served as US navy admirals.

McCain himself joined the navy in 1958, beginning a 22-year long naval career marked most notably by his decision to volunteer for service in the Vietnam war.

It was a momentous decision. In October 1967 during a bombing mission, McCain’s plane was shot down by a missile.

He ejected but was injured in the process, breaking both his arms and his leg.

Captured by north Vietnamese soldiers, he was taken prisoner and held at several prisons for five and a half years, often enduring torture by his captors. He still bears physical scars from his ordeal.

Most notably, though he was offered an early release by the North Vietnamese, McCain declined because he did not want to be seen as receiving preferential treatment.

On his return, McCain decided to enter politics, becoming first a naval liaison for the US senate, then a congressman for Arizona before entering the senate in 1987.

Hawkish policies

“Tehran must understand that it cannot win a showdown with the world”

John McCain

On foreign policy, many prospective voters were unnerved by a comment McCain made while campaigning in which he said he believed US forces should stay in Iraq for 100 years if necessary.

“I oppose a pre-emptive withdrawal strategy that has no Plan B for the aftermath of its inevitable failure and the greater problems that would ensue,” he wrote in Foreign Affairs magazine.

However, McCain has criticised US military strategy in Iraq, saying that by failing to adopt a counterinsurgency strategy the US and the Iraqi people had paid a “dear price”.He is also a firm opponent of the use of torture. However, he recently voted against a senate bill which would have banned the controversial interrogation method of waterboarding widely viewed as torture.

McCain also advocates building up Israel militarily and isolating Hamas, while using every resource available “to aid moderate Muslims … who are resisting the well-financed campaign of extremism that is tearing Muslim societies apart”, he added.

On Iran, McCain is hawkish, describing the nation as the world’s “chief state sponsor of terrorism” and advocating all options, including possible military action, against the Islamic Republic should it continue with its nuclear program.

“Tehran must understand that it cannot win a showdown with the world,” he wrote.

However, an embarrassing gaffe during a visit to Jordan in March, in which he wrongly accused Iran, a predominantly Shia nation, of aiding Sunni al-Qaeda fighters, led to questions about whether his foreign affairs experience was as solid as he claimed.

Polarising figure

McCain was left embittered after his 2000
nomination battle with Bush[EPA]

McCain remains a polarising figure within the Republican party.

On domestic issues McCain is known for being willing to “cross the floor” and work with Democrats, particularly on the matters of campaign finance and on immigration – co-sponsoring a bi-partisan bill which would have offered an amnesty to illegal immigrants.

This has caused suspicion amongst some of the more traditionalist members of the Republican party, who consider him too moderate on social issues such as immigration.

McCain’s response has been to aggressively tout his conservative credentials while out on the road campaigning for the nomination, attempting to strike a delicate balance by reaching out to centrists who may be wooed to vote for him while at the same time striving not to upset evangelicals or more right-wing members of the Republican party.

Past controversies

Two decades ago, McCain and four other senators were accused of trying to influence banking regulators on behalf of Charles Keating, a savings financier later convicted of securities fraud.

The Senate Ethics Committee decided that McCain had used “poor judgment” but that his actions ‘were not improper” and did not deserve punishment.

In 2000 McCain ran against George Bush, losing after a controversial nomination race in which scurrilous accusations against him implied erroneously he had fathered an illegitimate African-American child.

The experience, he later acknowledged, left him angry – although his relationship with Bush has since thawed.

Nonetheless, sensitised by the slurs against him in the 2000 nomination campaign, McCain set up a “South Carolina truth squad’ to rebut allegations that he had “sold out” prisoners of war.

In February, he also denied a New York Times report that suggested he had a romantic relationship with a Washington lobbyist.

However, with the potential slings and arrows of a major presidential campaign, McCain may face more of the same in the future.

August 25, 2008

No move for August interest rate

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After the voting at the Monetary Policy Committee meeting that was held last week the Bank of England has announced that the base rate will not be moving again this month, and will remain on hold at 5%, which is where it has been since April. The base rate was cut three times between December 2007 and April of this year, but since then rocketing inflation levels have resulted in it being kept on hold, although prior to this many officials had expected the base rate to continue being cut over the course of this year – something that is now looking far less likely.

The decision of the central bank to keep the base rate on hold was treated with scepticism by officials from the British Chambers of Commerce, who stated: "The MPC cannot ignore the fact that recession threats have worsened. While the near-term rise in inflation is unavoidable, it is also temporary as weaker growth would clearly push down inflation sharply next year. Limiting the threat of a major recession must be the priority."

Officials from the EEF also said that the central bank may have to consider cutting loan rates soon due to the state of the rapidly slowing economy, stating: "The MPC continues to be pulled in opposing directions by rising inflation and slowing growth. However, the balance of risk appears to be shifting more rapidly. A cut in interest rates may be needed sooner rather than later to prevent the economy from drifting towards recession."

However, one economist said that the lack of rate cuts could go on for some time, as there is little choice of the MPC, stating: "It should not have come as surprise to anyone that, on balance, the bank felt it could do nothing but sit tight this month – a situation that is likely to prevail for a few more months."

August 13, 2008

Terry doubts Man Utd credentials

Terry doubts Man Utd credentials

John Terry

Terry is confident Chelsea can win the Premier League title this season

John Terry believes Manchester United have reached their peak and Chelsea can regain the Premier League trophy.

United were European and domestic champions last term, with Chelsea runners-up, but the Blues’ captain believes his side can raise their game.

“I don’t think United have another level to go to,” said Terry, whose side have a new manager this season in Brazil’s Luiz Felipe Scolari.

“They had a lot of players at the peak of their form for the last two years.”

Terry’s comments come after United manager Sir Alex Ferguson said that the majority of Chelsea’s squad had reached an age where they were unlikely to improve any further.

The Scot compared the current Stamford Bridge outfit to that of the Liverpool team of the early 1990s, who slipped into decline after their 1990 title triumph, and predicted that Chelsea are on the brink of a similar downturn.

But Terry has hit back and pinpointed several players at Old Trafford who he thinks will be unable to match their performances of last season.

They include Cristiano Ronaldo, whose 42-goal haul underpinned United’s double success.

“Rio Ferdinand has been awesome for the last two years and Cristiano Ronaldo was unbelievable – I don’t think you’ll see that again,” Terry said.

“[Wayne] Rooney, [Carlos] Tevez, [Ryan] Giggs at his age, they’ve all been fantastic.

“I think we can close the gap because Man United were at the very top of their game last season.

“But we’ve been very close to them and we had injuries and a change of manager.”

Terry says he has been impressed with the business Scolari has conducted during the transfer window.

He also believes a good start will be key if they are to wrestle the title from United, who arguably face a tougher start in their Premier League defence.

“The new manager has come in and made a few changes. He’s made some great signings. Deco looks awesome so I’m excited to see him play,” Terry said.

“We need to start well and get off to a flyer, just keep winning.

“Man United have a few tough games early on. Liverpool have made some good signings and will be stronger this year. We need to focus.

“We have a good home record and if we can continue that and get off to a good start we’ll be all right.”

July 28, 2008

Bombings may threaten India-Pakistan relations

Bombings may threaten India-Pakistan relations

Islamic militants claim to be targeting Indian cities to stoke communal tensions.

Indian cities are on high alert after a series of explosions ripped through the western city of Ahmedabad on Saturday, killing at least 45 people and wounding 160. The blasts, which occurred a day after bombings in the southern city of Bangalore, are the latest in a string of attacks in India believed to be the work of Islamic terrorists.

A little known group calling itself the “Indian Mujahideen” claimed responsibility for the Ahmedabad bombings, just as it had for an attack in Jaipur in May that killed 60 people. But security analysts and intelligence officials are doubtful about these claims and instead suspect that militant Islamic groups from Pakistan and Bangladesh are behind the attacks.

“The way in which the attack in Ahmedabad took place – the multiplicity of the bombs and the way in which they were coordinated – suggests a level of expertise not yet associated with any Indian group,” says Uday Bhaskar, a security analyst and former director of New Delhi’s Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses. “It is reasonable to say this group has benefited from external involvement,” he adds.

Other observers say the “Indian Mujahideen” was coined to cover the involvement of Pakistani groups, although few here doubt that Indian Muslims are involved at some level.

Saturday’s bombings occurred in two waves. The first series of explosions detonated in crowded markets; the second wave, less than half an hour later, targeted two hospitals where the injured had been taken. Television footage showed blood-covered victims writhing in agony on hospital floors. In all, there were 17 explosions, caused by crudely made devices that peppered victims with red-hot ball bearings and shrapnel.

The day before, one person was killed and six wounded when eight bombs exploded in quick succession in Bangalore. No group has claimed responsibility for the Bangalore bombings.

Communal conflict?

Both attacks – like the one in Jaipur – occurred in states run by the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), India’s main opposition party.

Ahmedabad, the main city in Gujarat, is especially vulnerable to communal tensions. In 2002, a train fire that killed members of a Hindu nationalist group sparked Hindu-Muslim riots in which over 2,000 people, most of them Muslim, died.

“Await five minutes for the revenge of Gujarat,” read an e-mail sent to television stations, purportedly from the Indian Mujahideen, moments before Saturday’s explosions.

But analysts say that stoking communal tensions is not the sole objective of recent attacks. “These people want to hurt the country in any way possible,” says Ajay Sahni, a terrorism expert at the Institute for Conflict Management in Delhi. “Causing communal tensions is a secondary objective to that. If I wanted to whip up communal riots I would ensure that only Hindus were killed whereas these attacks are occurring in areas with mixed populations.” Indeed, Saturday’s attacks occurred in Ahmedabad’s old city, which houses many Muslims.

Cross-border terrorism

In recent years, there have been regular, fatal bomb blasts in cities across India. Many have targeted religious sites: a temple in the ancient pilgrimage city of Varanasi in 2006, a mosque near Mumbai (Bombay) later that year, and another mosque, during Friday prayers, in the southern city of Hyderabad in 2007.

Often, no one claims responsibility for the attacks. But officials in New Delhi routinely point fingers at Pakistan, or at militants backed by Islamabad.

Such accusations of cross-border terrorism are a legacy of the cold war between India and Pakistan, during which Pakistan has used militancy as a tool to destabilize India.

Many believe that Islamabad retains links to militant groups, although the degree to which it remains operationally in control is unclear, especially at a time when Pakistan itself is suffering from an upsurge of Islamic militancy. Pakistan, meanwhile, denies backing any Islamic militants, including those operating in the disputed Himalayan state of Kashmir.

The recent bomb attacks come at a time when the Pakistan-India peace process is under strain. Amid one of the sharpest exchanges between the neighbors since they launched peace talks in 2004, Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon said that “elements” in Pakistan were behind a resurgence in militant activities, including the recent bomb attack at the Indian Embassy in Kabul that killed 58 people, including two Indian diplomats.

“There have been statements by leaders of Pakistan, inciting terror,” Mr. Menon said. “There are such statements from some government officials and this incitement of violence has culminated in suicide blasts…. All investigations point to Pakistan being behind the blast.”

The involvement of home-grown Indian terrorists in such attacks is also of increasing concern here. “In the wake of 9/11 there was a lot of satisfaction that no Indian national was involved in terrorism in India,” says Mr. Bhaskar. “I would be cautious in saying that was changing, but it may be that we are reaching some sort of tipping point.”

June 10, 2008

Consumers Can Have Paint Tested For Lead

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Presented by House To Home Inspections.

There are do-it-yourself kits available. However, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has not evaluated any of these kits. One home test kit uses sodium sulfide solution. This procedure requires you to place a drop of sodium sulfide solution on a paint chip. The paint chip slowly turns darker if lead is present. There are problems with this test, however. Other metals may cause false positive results, and resins in the paint may prevent the sulfide from causing the paint chip to change color. Thus, the presence of lead may not be correctly indicated. In addition the darkening may be detected only on very light-colored paint. Professional testing is available from professional home inspectors in many areas.
Another in-home test requires a trained professional who can operate the equipment safely. This test uses X-ray fluorescence to determine if the paint contains lead. Although the test can be done in your home, it should be done only by professionals trained by the equipment manufacturer or who have passed a state or local government training course such as the Bellbrook Ohio home inspectors, since the equipment contains radioactive materials. In addition, in some tests, the method has not been reliable.
Consumers may choose to have a testing laboratory test a paint sample for lead. Lab testing is considered more reliable than other methods. Lab tests may cost from $20 to $50 per sample. More information about home inspection can be found at the Ohio Certified Home Inspections site.

June 3, 2008 is a video sharing site which let the users upload, view and share the video clips.

Filed under: Uncategorized — expressyoureself @ 5:43 am is a video sharing site which let the users upload, view and share the video clips. Everyone has something funny and interesting event recorded in the camera that he or she would like to share with the world. If you want to share your emotions with the world YouTube perhaps provide most easy and biggest platform for that. Here you can find, share and upload a wide variety of video contents including the <a href=””>movie clips</a>, TV clips, and music video etc. YouTube also provide videoblogging and some short original videos.
YouTube was founded in 2005 by three paypal employees since then it is rapidly increasing in terms of popularity and revenue. The company was attained by Google Inc in 2006. The title “King of video sharing” is justified by the fact that market share of <a href=””>YouTube</a&gt; visit has increased by 70% in the month of January to May, while the other video sharing sites has just shown 8% growth in the same period.
The video playback technology used by YouTube has contributed a lot to its popularity. Its technology is based on macromedia’s flash player 7 and uses the Sorenson spark H.263 video codec. It makes it easy to display the video with a better quality without installing any new software or plug in. Flash is very common player and found in most of the computers connected to internet.
YouTube has a huge collection of videos that are increasing on a rapid speed. The video contents available on the site are ranked on the basis of viewers. The contents are divided in different categories so that it can be easy for the users to handpick the exact type of content according to the choice.
YouTube started <a href=””>YouTube video</a> award in 2006. The different classes of the award are “most adorable video ever” and “most creative”. Only user created original videos are nominated and the winner is decided by the user.
The top honor is of “most viewed” that is divided in to four categories: today, this week, this month and all time. The best video is decided according to the number of visitors as well as the feedback provided by them. YouTube rates the articles according to the feedback in the form of comments provided by the visitors.
The site has a huge collection of video contents available in different languages. One can find out the amazing as well as funny video very easily. The real life videos are mostly the main choice of the visitors rather than professionally created videos.

Blast rocks Danish embassy in high-security area: 8 killed

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Courtesy: Dawn Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, June 2: A car- bomb exploded outside the Danish embassy in one of the most high-security residential districts on Monday, killing eight people and injuring more than 25 others.

The blast severely damaged several buildings, destroyed dozens of vehicles and left a big crater on the road, indicating that the bomb had been fitted to a vehicle.

Investigators were unable to say whether the bomb was remote-controlled, a time device or detonated by a suicide bomber.

Most of the victims were Pakistani nationals, including lower staff personnel.

An embassy worker was among the dead and three were hurt.

After the explosion, police arrested two men found loitering near the embassy.

Denmark and Norway closed their embassies after the tragedy.

Police said a white Toyota car bearing a diplomatic registration plate entered Street 21 of F-6/2 from Street 19 around 1pm. Only the driver was in the vehicle.

Security personnel manned both ends of the street and put up barricades to search vehicles and stop unauthorised people from entering it, but they allowed the vehicle to pass without a search.

It blew up immediately after passing the embassy’s gate.

The blast left a crater more than four feet deep and with a radius of five feet in the middle of the road, about four metres away from the gate.

The perimeter walls of the embassy and the office of the UN-backed Devolution Trust for Community Development across the road collapsed and their metal gates were blown inward. Extensive damage was caused to the DTCD building and vehicles parked in its premises.

Windowpanes, masonry and dozens of wrecked vehicles littered the area, which also houses some other embassies, including Ukraine’s, and residences of the Indian high commissioner, Dutch ambassador and Australian defence attache.

At the time of the attack, very few employees were present inside the embassy.

The bodies and the injured were taken to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences and Federal Government Services Hospital.

Amir Nasim, Shahid Hussain, Zafar Iqbal, Mazhar Mehmood, Mohammed Nasir, Amin Shoukat, Shahid and an unidentified person were killed.

More than 20kgs of explosives were used. The car turned into a mangled heap of metal, scattering pieces over a wide area. The engine was found in Street 18, 15-20 metres away from the spot.

Witnesses said they saw blood, smoke, burning trees and debris in the air.

Interior Secretary Syed Kamal Shah told journalists that a team had been constituted to investigate the incident.

“We have asked the embassy to share evidence, including recordings of CCTV cameras,” he said.

According to sources, intelligence agencies had informed the interior ministry and police a few days ago that terrorists might target the embassy in retaliation for publication of sacrilegious cartoons in Danish newspapers.

This was the second attack on a foreign target in the capital this year, the earlier being a grenade attack on an Italian restaurant in March in the same area.

WILD SPECULATION: There were speculations that the target of the attack was not the Danish embassy, but the motorcade of President Pervez Musharraf and the vehicle had tried twice to enter the Margalla Road, which was used as the VVIP route.

The president attended a ceremony at the National Defence College and stayed there from 11am to 1pm. He was taken to the presidency in a helicopter after the explosion, sources said.

The crime scene also raised the question as to why the attacker had not rammed the vehicle into the embassy’s building or gate and had blown it up after passing the gate. The blast caused more damage to the DTCD building than the embassy.

Some officials said the position of the vehicle showed that the driver might have wanted to turn to Street 18 to use Street 22 to go to the Margalla Road, which the VVIP motorcade was about to cross. However, police officials, when contacted, denied that the VVIP motorcade was the target.

APP adds: Adviser to the Prime Minister on Interior Affairs, Rehman Malik, said results of preliminary investigation by the joint team comprising officials of the Federal Investigation Agency, police and intelligence agencies would come out in 24 hours.

He told a TV channel that there was no tip-off of any suicide bomber entering Islamabad.

He said the casualties included two police personnel and a foreigner.

The Foreign Office asked the security agencies to strengthen safety measures at embassies and ensure protection of diplomatic staff.

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