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October 29, 2008

Bullet proof vest

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West may be against many threats. As the ballistic protection page:
• blunt trauma, such as Faust, the clubs and columns in the direction of the car!
• knife / weapon strong attack – quick and floor (but not from whey / Stich, unless encounter material)
• Most rifle ammunition (en’00 “Chevrotin) – After the threat Nij II-A, II and III-A – the ordinary mild 3.6 lb. Body Armor Vest (~ 1.8 A 2.7 kg.)
• Rifle FMJ series – by threatening Nij Level III – 1 / 4 “, particularly in steel, 1 / 2” of ceramic armor plates, or 1 “plate made of polyethylene
• ,3006-armor piercing rifle – the degree of threat Nij IV – 3 / 4 “thick ceramic armor plates.
Although we all liked the subject from head to toe in the protection of Stage IV (the husband of a turtle Kugelfang!) This is not the practice for various reasons …

Practical considerations
• concentration HEAT – is the number one vest problem for the user. A vest is a substitute for a jacket or sweater for a large part of the year, but in summer, the heat is the limiting factor in the jacket used. Jacket not on the earth can honestly say that probably in the heat.
• comfort and agility – is a function of the jacket is in a position to cover and gently. If you are not wearing the vest, which is not to protect them! The safety vest best for you is the only thing you are wearing when shot!
• the free movement of workers – is a function of the jacket of the thickness of the space and the conception and design. If you hindered in the movement needed, your jacket may have more responsibility and as an advantage.
• Weight – your fatigue after long wear, physical movement and speed of traffic. More than a problem with the rifle Borden of a book, in mild Body Armor difference in levels of protection (or models).
• concealability – primarily as a criminal armed bullet-proof jackets in your opinion, they can easily target or to threaten to your head, hips or bar. You have just lost a part of the benefit a life jacket to wear. Secondly, your situation May require the evaluation of a jacket to hide.
• COST – if you do not pay what you can not protect! As a consumer you should realistically assess the threats that you face, and on the rational decisions. 100% protection is simply not possible, no matter how much you spend – but you can be 80% or 90% of the maximum protection for half the cost.
So, how you make a rational trade-off between all the choice, with all these restrictions? If the shares …
Armor-piercing threats?
Some fans are crazy to explain to the fact that her favorite armor-piercing (AP) 9 mm pistol or their Tokarev 7.62 mm ammunition, etc., etc., can through this jacket like a hot knife through butter! ” You must effect aware of the fact that some very rare and very specialized small arms ammunition to flame can reach the arms of the body. But it must also be said that in US-PA ammunition of firearms is illegal and difficult or even impossible to receive (including the entire AP Caliber rifle ammunition in a firearm variants).
How often criminal forces take the time and efforts to such rare ammunition? There are not so often, of course, you need the evaluation of threats is certainly there. If you drug police after a hard core of motorcyclists gangs, drugs – AP is perhaps an issue. In 1999, an officer just saved by his vest Stage II of a drug dealer with a 7.62 mm Tokarev.
For example, SWAT teams and police at high risk for traffic stops, it’s May, well advised, stage III-A harness, especially in the SAF-ER page (it is never too secure 100%). For the majority of police forces, the security and protection of civilians, the achievement of a III-A is the money spent for the peace of mind and the trauma foam additional protection – but probably not necessary to analyze a sentence. You need the evaluation of threats is certainly there.

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