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October 28, 2008

Successful selling to difficult customers

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He is a specialist group of vendors visit architects, designers and public authorities as part of his mission to test their products on the list of new buildings and renovation projects. But it is very difficult for them because these experts of his time.

For example, if an architect to all the representatives asked him if there is nothing more to do, and not all the work done. Most representatives of the company in May for the maintenance of these offices and that they are usually detained and prevented from approaching their important business relationships.

But it is a technique for the barrier, display signs and meet face to face with customers and the opportunity to discuss with your company’s product. This article and this knowledge on the results of your business in a good way!

First, it is your own presentation. I am no longer advise, not dressed in a demonstrative way that arouses disgust of May. It is advisable to show solidarity and a series of “camouflage” must have the same appearance as an architect. Trade show table top exhibits Only in harmony with them to a meeting of aviation and equality, yes, of solidarity. Of course the whole media, including standard language is necessary, a good report. At any time, you must convey a mood of the same hard-working professional who you are!

After the enforcement of this requirement, which ultimately came to the office of the architect. Standing before the reception, with all his samples in his big sack, a knot under his arm, rolled or folded, you said it. that architects are very busy, that your project runs late or is there a problem at the site. That is why nobody can see, you said, with training, a spokesman for prayer.

In your smile, a nod to offer and easy understanding of the list of the products they have in their library because there is nothing worse than to emphasize that something that is no longer available. It would be a real problem. And it promises not to scare anyone, just to update a few pages from the list and you’re on the road. It only takes a minute.

In most cases it is inside the temple. A walk through offices, the library is essentially a series of libraries in the office or at the end is in a separate room. You may superficially eyes of some people who are currently looking for work and is very positive, as always, rewarded with a smile.
Upon arrival at the library, you can put your case, and shows the “accident” instead of its big test,poster frames online, dust, cardboard, PVC, whatever the situation, which can not be satisfied that comes near. An example of a table that most rooms would be a real emphasis on the position.

And while dragging her catalog page, and slowly, through him, pretending to be completely absorbed, are you from the tram around him. Professionals have been extracted some files from the shelves, pager for the technical data and other information.

Given the large sample, so obviously and curious. Maybe if you have a word or siting of a colleague, looking for more information. Finally, someone who you approach, research shows that a large or a product of interest and asked: “Excuse me, what is it?” And is your chance to sell their product, their ultimate selling point. Other people come and listen with interest. Or someone called a colleague in the room: “Hey Frank, come take a look at him! Is not that something you’re looking for?”

You hand over technical details and color graphics of small and ask for more details about your project. And the floor of the buildings have already been installed, and where the references are …….

What a smile, as you as receptionist and make sure that your catalog, and that all tests are currently underway. Yes, you and reassure her of their full product catalog is now available and can not go wrong if you something. This will ensure that they acted properly when they leave the office, “without being an architect!”

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