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October 27, 2008

Credit crunch affecting our health

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The University of Cambridge published what it claimed to be the first study into the relationship between a banking crisis and mortality earlier this year.

Their research revealed that stress due to the current banking crisis could potentially cause thousands of deaths around the world.

High-income countries such as the UK and US could potentially see as much as a 6.4% increase in deaths caused by heart disease, whilst this number could raise to as much as 26% in the lower income countries.

Friends Provident is also alerting people to the fact that the credit crunch could have a dramatic impact on the nation’s health following some recent research undertaken in association with the Blood Pressure Association and as such are recommending that most people would benefit from having some Income Protection insurance.

Their report suggests that almost 29 million people in the UK are feeling higher stress levels, are not as fit and healthy and are more susceptible to illness compared to three years ago.

56% of respondents are now spending less on food; Worries about the economic situation left 19% sleeping less and 15% declared they now work longer hours.

21% said they had used gyms less, many to try and save money.

7% confessed they had increased their alcohol intake since the onset of the credit crisis, and 9% expected to increase their alcohol intake during the next six months.

Some useful facts about high blood pressure*

  • High blood pressure is the main risk factor for stroke and a major risk factor for heart attack, heart failure and kidney disease. There is also increasing evidence that it is a risk factor for vascular dementia.
  • One in three adults in the UK (16 million) have high blood pressure.
  • Around a third of people with high blood pressure do not know that they have it, as there are no obvious symptoms. This is why it is often called the ‘silent killer’.
  • High blood pressure is a level consistently at or above 140mmHg and/or 90mmHg.
  • 31 per cent of men and 28 per cent of women have high blood pressure.
  • People with high blood pressure are three times more likely to develop heart disease and stroke and twice as likely to die from these as people with a normal blood pressure.
  • Approximately 62,000 unnecessary deaths from stroke and heart attacks occur due to poor blood pressure control.
  • Look after yourself, if you have any concerns, consult your GP

More information about Income Protection Insurance can be found at websites such as

* Blood Pressure Association

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