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October 30, 2008

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What is the most useful marketing tool?

The structure of marketing mix seems to be very complicated because it consist of numerous components. Of course it is a great idea to make us of all of them but in fact most of the companies are limited in recourses and time. It means that you must get the effect very fast and using not much time and money. That is why it is preferable to concentrate on the components which will give an opportunity to improve your profit potential.

That is why many companies include in their marketing strategy cheap promotional gifts which can be used in practically every sphere of business. For example, you can choose political promo products if your company is working in sphere of Public Relations. You can make use of different marketing products to promote your candidate. For example, you can deliver custom made T-shirts with the face and information about your candidate. Another sphere of business where most of the businessmen make use of promotional gifts is healthcare. Many pharmaceutical companies deliver free Healthcare Promotional Products with the logo of their company of course the most useful information about their latest products which make other people’s life better.

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Consider marketing products for any kind of business!

American Marketing Association claims that marketing is the best way of organizing the whole process of communicating and delivering special value to the ultimate customers that in its way can help you manage the relationships and benefit all the participants in the marketing process like the companies, clients and stakeholders. The industry is a broad one and includes all the necessary steps like advertising, searching for new markets, selling goods and for a successful marketing campaign there is a necessity to use special marketing products.

Custom magnets can be considered the vivid representatives of such products. The special place practically in any marketing campaign occupies branding which in its turn can be created by a deep memorizing of trademark in a consumer’s mind. The aim can be achieved if the potential customer looks at the brand everyday and he remembers the sounding as well as special graphics that were used to create such a brand.

What promotional products can be considered eye-catching for a wide audience? For sure, apparel! Screen printed t-shirts can be appropriately designed for target market and they enjoy the highest popularity at any kind of trade show!

October 29, 2008

Bullet proof vest

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West may be against many threats. As the ballistic protection page:
• blunt trauma, such as Faust, the clubs and columns in the direction of the car!
• knife / weapon strong attack – quick and floor (but not from whey / Stich, unless encounter material)
• Most rifle ammunition (en’00 “Chevrotin) – After the threat Nij II-A, II and III-A – the ordinary mild 3.6 lb. Body Armor Vest (~ 1.8 A 2.7 kg.)
• Rifle FMJ series – by threatening Nij Level III – 1 / 4 “, particularly in steel, 1 / 2” of ceramic armor plates, or 1 “plate made of polyethylene
• ,3006-armor piercing rifle – the degree of threat Nij IV – 3 / 4 “thick ceramic armor plates.
Although we all liked the subject from head to toe in the protection of Stage IV (the husband of a turtle Kugelfang!) This is not the practice for various reasons …

Practical considerations
• concentration HEAT – is the number one vest problem for the user. A vest is a substitute for a jacket or sweater for a large part of the year, but in summer, the heat is the limiting factor in the jacket used. Jacket not on the earth can honestly say that probably in the heat.
• comfort and agility – is a function of the jacket is in a position to cover and gently. If you are not wearing the vest, which is not to protect them! The safety vest best for you is the only thing you are wearing when shot!
• the free movement of workers – is a function of the jacket of the thickness of the space and the conception and design. If you hindered in the movement needed, your jacket may have more responsibility and as an advantage.
• Weight – your fatigue after long wear, physical movement and speed of traffic. More than a problem with the rifle Borden of a book, in mild Body Armor difference in levels of protection (or models).
• concealability – primarily as a criminal armed bullet-proof jackets in your opinion, they can easily target or to threaten to your head, hips or bar. You have just lost a part of the benefit a life jacket to wear. Secondly, your situation May require the evaluation of a jacket to hide.
• COST – if you do not pay what you can not protect! As a consumer you should realistically assess the threats that you face, and on the rational decisions. 100% protection is simply not possible, no matter how much you spend – but you can be 80% or 90% of the maximum protection for half the cost.
So, how you make a rational trade-off between all the choice, with all these restrictions? If the shares …
Armor-piercing threats?
Some fans are crazy to explain to the fact that her favorite armor-piercing (AP) 9 mm pistol or their Tokarev 7.62 mm ammunition, etc., etc., can through this jacket like a hot knife through butter! ” You must effect aware of the fact that some very rare and very specialized small arms ammunition to flame can reach the arms of the body. But it must also be said that in US-PA ammunition of firearms is illegal and difficult or even impossible to receive (including the entire AP Caliber rifle ammunition in a firearm variants).
How often criminal forces take the time and efforts to such rare ammunition? There are not so often, of course, you need the evaluation of threats is certainly there. If you drug police after a hard core of motorcyclists gangs, drugs – AP is perhaps an issue. In 1999, an officer just saved by his vest Stage II of a drug dealer with a 7.62 mm Tokarev.
For example, SWAT teams and police at high risk for traffic stops, it’s May, well advised, stage III-A harness, especially in the SAF-ER page (it is never too secure 100%). For the majority of police forces, the security and protection of civilians, the achievement of a III-A is the money spent for the peace of mind and the trauma foam additional protection – but probably not necessary to analyze a sentence. You need the evaluation of threats is certainly there.

October 28, 2008

Skills to take full advantages of Digital Photography

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While the conventional devices in monthly calendar movie requires a kind of skills to half of your pictures are not in the ruins, digital cameras are much easier to handle and have many options, the total even a beginner can. You can learn, zoom, lighting, horizons to change and many other useful techniques.

The possibilities are endless and you can use to better photos. If, for example, you’re a fan of black and white photography, you can easily with your digital camera. There are three ways to do this. The first and easiest way is whether you can change the settings for the black-and-white photographs. Many devices have this feature. This option allows you, in black and white version of the image that you enter the camera on the screen. They know from the outset, as your photo sharing appears, you love, but there is on the screen, just as you could see through the lens of the cameras. A second possibility, photos in black and white is the color photos in black and white menu, the gallery and the choice of black and white option. He is very quick and very easy to do. A third possibility is to print photos in black and white. In this way you can both black and white and color versions. To do this, the only thing you have to do is to select the option for printing in shades of gray in your menu.

Another thing that came with your digital camera in close-up. Close-up, the photos is a good technique to capture the unique moments and hillside refract environment. Do you have a good close-up photos with the help of the macro mode. In this mode, you can take pictures while you are just a few centimeters away from the object. Another way to take close-ups is to use the zoom feature on your camera. This offers the advantage that you need not too close to capture the smallest details, which can be particularly useful in certain situations.

Your digital cameras, you can not just good photos, but also for capturing objects in motion. This can be done with the help of the video is used in most digital cameras use today. You can save up to 30 minutes of video.

A digital camera is usually smaller than a traditional and you can easily into a pocket or purse. They are easy, along the family trips, holidays,free birthday ecards or social events. If you do not have a digital camera yet, you should purchase a. The prices are much lower than in the past and there are good cameras for most households. By using simple techniques to help you help if you have a high degree of experience.

Successful selling to difficult customers

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He is a specialist group of vendors visit architects, designers and public authorities as part of his mission to test their products on the list of new buildings and renovation projects. But it is very difficult for them because these experts of his time.

For example, if an architect to all the representatives asked him if there is nothing more to do, and not all the work done. Most representatives of the company in May for the maintenance of these offices and that they are usually detained and prevented from approaching their important business relationships.

But it is a technique for the barrier, display signs and meet face to face with customers and the opportunity to discuss with your company’s product. This article and this knowledge on the results of your business in a good way!

First, it is your own presentation. I am no longer advise, not dressed in a demonstrative way that arouses disgust of May. It is advisable to show solidarity and a series of “camouflage” must have the same appearance as an architect. Trade show table top exhibits Only in harmony with them to a meeting of aviation and equality, yes, of solidarity. Of course the whole media, including standard language is necessary, a good report. At any time, you must convey a mood of the same hard-working professional who you are!

After the enforcement of this requirement, which ultimately came to the office of the architect. Standing before the reception, with all his samples in his big sack, a knot under his arm, rolled or folded, you said it. that architects are very busy, that your project runs late or is there a problem at the site. That is why nobody can see, you said, with training, a spokesman for prayer.

In your smile, a nod to offer and easy understanding of the list of the products they have in their library because there is nothing worse than to emphasize that something that is no longer available. It would be a real problem. And it promises not to scare anyone, just to update a few pages from the list and you’re on the road. It only takes a minute.

In most cases it is inside the temple. A walk through offices, the library is essentially a series of libraries in the office or at the end is in a separate room. You may superficially eyes of some people who are currently looking for work and is very positive, as always, rewarded with a smile.
Upon arrival at the library, you can put your case, and shows the “accident” instead of its big test,poster frames online, dust, cardboard, PVC, whatever the situation, which can not be satisfied that comes near. An example of a table that most rooms would be a real emphasis on the position.

And while dragging her catalog page, and slowly, through him, pretending to be completely absorbed, are you from the tram around him. Professionals have been extracted some files from the shelves, pager for the technical data and other information.

Given the large sample, so obviously and curious. Maybe if you have a word or siting of a colleague, looking for more information. Finally, someone who you approach, research shows that a large or a product of interest and asked: “Excuse me, what is it?” And is your chance to sell their product, their ultimate selling point. Other people come and listen with interest. Or someone called a colleague in the room: “Hey Frank, come take a look at him! Is not that something you’re looking for?”

You hand over technical details and color graphics of small and ask for more details about your project. And the floor of the buildings have already been installed, and where the references are …….

What a smile, as you as receptionist and make sure that your catalog, and that all tests are currently underway. Yes, you and reassure her of their full product catalog is now available and can not go wrong if you something. This will ensure that they acted properly when they leave the office, “without being an architect!”

October 27, 2008

Credit crunch affecting our health

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The University of Cambridge published what it claimed to be the first study into the relationship between a banking crisis and mortality earlier this year.

Their research revealed that stress due to the current banking crisis could potentially cause thousands of deaths around the world.

High-income countries such as the UK and US could potentially see as much as a 6.4% increase in deaths caused by heart disease, whilst this number could raise to as much as 26% in the lower income countries.

Friends Provident is also alerting people to the fact that the credit crunch could have a dramatic impact on the nation’s health following some recent research undertaken in association with the Blood Pressure Association and as such are recommending that most people would benefit from having some Income Protection insurance.

Their report suggests that almost 29 million people in the UK are feeling higher stress levels, are not as fit and healthy and are more susceptible to illness compared to three years ago.

56% of respondents are now spending less on food; Worries about the economic situation left 19% sleeping less and 15% declared they now work longer hours.

21% said they had used gyms less, many to try and save money.

7% confessed they had increased their alcohol intake since the onset of the credit crisis, and 9% expected to increase their alcohol intake during the next six months.

Some useful facts about high blood pressure*

  • High blood pressure is the main risk factor for stroke and a major risk factor for heart attack, heart failure and kidney disease. There is also increasing evidence that it is a risk factor for vascular dementia.
  • One in three adults in the UK (16 million) have high blood pressure.
  • Around a third of people with high blood pressure do not know that they have it, as there are no obvious symptoms. This is why it is often called the ‘silent killer’.
  • High blood pressure is a level consistently at or above 140mmHg and/or 90mmHg.
  • 31 per cent of men and 28 per cent of women have high blood pressure.
  • People with high blood pressure are three times more likely to develop heart disease and stroke and twice as likely to die from these as people with a normal blood pressure.
  • Approximately 62,000 unnecessary deaths from stroke and heart attacks occur due to poor blood pressure control.
  • Look after yourself, if you have any concerns, consult your GP

More information about Income Protection Insurance can be found at websites such as

* Blood Pressure Association

October 22, 2008

House prices fall even further

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September saw house prices in the UK fall even further according to figures recently released by the Halifax. In September, figures show that house prices fell by a further 1.3%. The annual fall now stands at 12.4% according to
Mortgage lender
Halifax officials, which brings the average house price down to £172,108. Officials have said that the average house price is now around the same as it was at the start of 2006, which is over a year and a half before house prices peaked last October.
When looking at three month comparison figures, the Halifax said that the decline in prices was starting to stabilise, which is also what Nationwide officials have said. However, the lenders have also said that the state of the mortgage
Loans market and housing sector would continue to be challenging, particularly given the increasingly tight lending criteria that was in place, which is expected to get worse.
Martin Ellis, chief economist at the Halifax, said: "The ongoing pressures on householders’ income, combined with the reduction in the availability of mortgage finance mean that market conditions will remain challenging." He added, however: "Lower interest rates will help mortgage borrowers faced with increasing pressures on their finances and provide a valuable support to the housing market."
He went on to state: "The resulting pinch on incomes, combined with the high level of average house prices in relation to earnings, has made it difficult for potential house purchasers to enter the market." One economist added: "Faster rising unemployment, heightened concerns over the economic outlook and widespread expectations that house prices will continue to fall markedly seem set to depress housing market activity and prices for some considerable time to come."

October 15, 2008

Bank crisis to dominate EU talks

Bank crisis to dominate EU talks

the curve of the German stock index DAX at the stock market in Frankfurt

There are fears of a recession in Germany, the EU’s biggest economy

EU leaders are meeting in Brussels to discuss a multi-billion-euro rescue scheme for Europe’s ailing banks.

The 27-member bloc is expected to rally behind plans agreed on Sunday by officials from the 15-nation eurozone.

Stocks markets appear to have stabilised since then, but are expected to remain nervous because of worries over a recession in the US and Germany.

Green groups are fearful that the economic crisis will derail EU plans to tackle climate change.

‘Common sense’

European leaders at the meeting are expected to try to keep the emphasis on joint action to unfreeze bank lending and restore confidence in the markets.

“I am sure… there will be a common position,” said European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso.

“I have boundless faith in the sense of responsibility and common sense of our heads of government and states.”

However, Germany, the continent’s biggest economy, is on the verge of recession, a report said on Tuesday.

Leaders will meet under the chair of the French, who hold the current presidency, and have a packed agenda that includes:

Bank bail-outs

Europe’s largest economies have announced hundreds of billions of euros in state support for their struggling banks. France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Austria are planning to guarantee bank lending, provide short-term liquidity and partly nationalise some banks, in schemes modelled on the UK’s £500bn (640bn-euro) bail-out package.

Other members of the 15-nation eurozone are expected to brief their colleagues on similar rescue plans. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, chairing proceedings, has urged European governments to act together in the crisis, to avoid damaging splits.

In a departure from the norm, European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet will address the summit on Wednesday.

The commission now has the task of scrutinising each country’s plan to ensure they do not disadvantage other EU member states or violate EU competition laws.


Leaders are expected to sign an immigration pact, committing their countries to common principles for handling immigrants, and trying to achieve a better match between immigrants’ skills and jobs in the EU labour market, which is facing certain skills shortages and an ageing workforce.

An EU “return directive” sets out common rules for processing illegal immigrants, while the EU also has plans a “Blue Card” scheme to attract more high-skilled immigrants.


France is anxious to get agreement on a package of environmental measures before its EU presidency ends in December. President Sarkozy has stressed that, despite the economic strains caused by the credit crunch, the EU must become “a low-carbon economy”.

Politicians in Germany, Italy and Poland have argued that existing targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions would impose extra burdens on electricity generators and carmakers, as an economic recession looms. In the case of the UK, similar resistance has arisen over including aviation in the CO2 targets.

Lisbon treaty

EU leaders are waiting for the Irish government to come up with a “roadmap” – a way forward – after Irish voters rejected the Lisbon Treaty in June. The treaty, aimed at streamlining EU institutions to cope with enlargement, has to be ratified by all 27 member states to take effect. Most have now ratified it, but no big breakthrough is expected at this summit.

Relations with Russia

The EU has postponed talks on a new EU-Russia partnership treaty, amid continuing concern about Russia’s military presence in Georgia. EU monitors verified a Russian withdrawal from buffer zones around the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, but the situation remains very tense. There are divisions in the EU about when to resume partnership talks.

‘Surge in unfair’ Saudi beheading

‘Surge in unfair’ Saudi beheading

Justice Square, Riyadh

Riyadh’s Justice Square witnesses public beheadings

A human rights group says executions are surging in Saudi Arabia, and those most likely to face death by the sword are migrant workers and poor Saudis.

Amnesty International says these groups are executed disproportionately and indiscriminately because they are unable to use the “blood money” system.

Foreigners and some nationals lack family and other ties that save rich or well-connected citizens, Amnesty says.

The human rights group reiterated its demand for a moratorium on executions.

Amnesty’s report – Affront to justice: Death penalty in Saudi Arabia – says there has been a sharp increase in executions in the last two years in the conservative Muslim kingdom.

There were 158 recorded executions in 2007 and the figure between January and August 2008 stood at 71.

The state does not provide official statistics but Amnesty said it had recorded at least 1,695 executions between 1985 and May 2008.

Of these, 830 were foreign nationals – a highly disproportionate figure since foreigners make up about one-quarter of the country’s population.

In some cases, execution is followed by crucifixion, Amnesty says in its report.

Saudi officials were not immediately available to comment. They routinely defend beheadings as a quick and clean form of execution sanctioned by the Islamic faith.

Pardons granted

Amnesty’s report says capital trials are often held secretly and non-Arabic speaking foreign nationals are unable to understand proceedings because they are routinely denied access to a lawyer.

In some cases, Amnesty says, they have no idea they have even been convicted.

Six Somalis beheaded this year were only told they were to be killed on the morning of their execution.

Amnesty also alleges that confessions are extracted through torture, ranging from cigarette burns, to electric shocks, nail-pulling, beatings and threats to family members.

After conviction, the legal system allows victim’s families to forgive murderers, often after the payment of diya, or “blood money”.

While pardons are sometimes granted, Saudi nationals are eight times more likely to escape execution than foreigners through this system.

Correspondents say Saudi nationals who are executed often come from remote tribal areas.

October 11, 2008

Palin abused power, probe finds

Palin abused power, probe finds

Todd and Sarah Palin in Anchorage, Alaska (file image, 2006)

The report said a family grudge was a likely factor in the dismissal

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is guilty of abuse of power, according to a probe by the state legislature.

The Republican vice-presidential candidate was accused of sacking a senior state official, Walter Monegan, in connection with a family feud.

But the McCain-Palin campaign team said that the report showed Mrs Palin acted within “proper and lawful authority”.

The report could have a significant effect on Republican hopes of winning next month’s US presidential election.

Mrs Palin has always denied any wrongdoing, and her supporters say the charges are motivated by her political opponents.

She stood accused of dismissing Mr Monegan for refusing to sack a state trooper who was in a bitter custody battle with her sister.

The report concluded a family grudge was not the sole reason for the dismissal, but was a likely contributing factor.

However, the report said that the actual sacking of Mr Monegan was not beyond Mrs Palin’s legal powers.

Speaking after a bipartisan investigating panel reached its decision on what has become known as Troopergate, Mr Monegan said he felt “vindicated”.

“It sounds like they’ve validated my belief and opinions,” he said. “And that tells me I’m not totally out in left field.”

Ethical violation

The panel found Mrs Palin in violation of a state ethics law prohibiting public officials from using their office for personal gain.

I would encourage people to be very cautious, to look at [the report] with a jaundiced eye
Gary Stevens
Republican state senator

“I find that Governor Sarah Palin abused her power by violating Alaska Statute 39.52.110 (a) of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act,” investigator Steve Branchflower concluded in the panel’s 263-page report.

Legislators do not have the power to take formal legal action against the governor; that would be up to Alaska’s Personnel Board.

If the Board decides Mrs Palin violated state law, the case will be referred to the president of the state Senate.

Mrs Palin’s lawyer said that the report had not been conclusive.

“In order to violate the ethics law, there has to be some personal gain,” said Thomas Van Flein.

“Mr Branchflower has failed to identify any financial gain.”

And Alaskan state Senator Gary Stevens, a Republican, said there were “some problems” with the finding.

Palin supporter in Anchorage

Palin’s supporters say the probe was politically motivated

“I would encourage people to be very cautious, to look at this with a jaundiced eye,” said Senator Stevens, after the report’s release was announced.

Several Republican politicians had earlier attempted to have the investigation stopped on the grounds that it was politically motivated.

The investigation into the affair began before Mr McCain selected Mrs Palin as his running mate in August.

The US presidential race has now become so polarised both Republicans and Democrats will likely see the report’s findings as vindication for their own trenchant views about Mrs Palin.

Alaska’s governor will either be seen as the victim of a Democratic party hatchet job, or a hypocrite.

Most voters, for now at least, seem more concerned about who will extract them from the current economic crisis, than any questions about political infighting in far-off Alaska, our correspondent adds.

Violent trooper?

Mrs Palin maintains she fired Mr Monegan in July over a budgetary dispute.

But Mr Monegan said he was dismissed for resisting pressure from Mrs Palin and her husband, Todd, to fire State Trooper Mike Wooten, Mrs Palin’s former brother-in-law.

Mr Monegan said he simply wanted the truth to be made known.

Sarah Palin campaigns in Golden, Colorado, 15 Sept

Sarah Palin has denied any wrongdoing over the affair

“The governor did want me to fire [Mr Wooten], and I chose to not,” he told the Associated Press news agency.

“He didn’t do anything under my watch to result in termination.”

Todd Palin has admitted he did publicise what he called the “injustice of a violent trooper keeping his badge”.

But he said his wife, who did not give evidence to the enquiry, then told him to drop the matter.

The McCain campaign on Thursday issued its own report, written by its staff, stating that the Alaska governor was not guilty of any wrongdoing.

“The following document will prove Walt Monegan’s dismissal was a result of his insubordination and budgetary clashes with Governor Palin and her administrators,” campaign officials wrote. “Trooper Wooten is a separate issue.”

The 21-page report suggests that the allegations against Mrs Palin stem from a conspiracy planned by a former campaign opponent of hers, Andrew Halcro, and Mr Wooten.

“It is tragic that a false story hatched by a blogger over drinks with Trooper Wooten led the legislature to allocate over $100,000 of public money to be spent in what has become a politically-driven investigation,” it concludes.

The McCain campaign says the inquiry has been muddied by innuendo, rumour and partisan politics.

What is your reaction to this story? How damaging do you think this will be for Republican election hopes? Tell us your thoughts

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